Best. Tuna. Sandwich. Ever.

Consider this post a Public Service Announcement:

The best tuna sandwich in the world is in New Jersey.

I know because I first had one about five years ago. Chris and I were in the charming town of Lambertville, NJ, having lunch with family at the equally adorable Lilly's On the Canal, when I spotted it on the menu: Tuna salad layered with cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, sliced tomato, honey mustard, and then grilled golden on seven grain bread."

The honey mustard caught me off guard, but I'm a huge tuna melt fan so loved that there was cheese, and we all know bacon is terrific on everything, so I tried it. And, oh my goodness, it was delicious! Smoky and sharp, crispy and creamy. Buttery and perfectly stuffed, with the right amount of crunch. It's everything a sandwich should be.

We recently returned to Lilly's with some dear friends and I was relieved to see that the sandwich is still on their menu. It was just as scrumptious as I remembered, and I decided right then and there that going forward, I will never make myself a tuna sandwich without adding cheddar, bacon and honey mustard.

Most recently, I used some Shelburne Farms Smoked Cheddar and it was delightful:
My homemade version of Lilly's perfect tuna sandwich.
So, the next time you mix up some tuna salad, do yourself a favor. Try it this way: Add a couple of slices of cheddar, bacon and tomato, and spread some honey mustard on your toasted/grilled bread. If you do, I promise you'll never eat a plain tuna sandwich again.

Thanks, Lilly's! Together, we can change the world, one tuna sandwich at a time.