Grape Focaccia

This recipe is really grape!
I mean, "great!"

I was cleaning out the freezer (making room for more goodies) and came across two bags of seedless red grapes from an organic box of the past.

I think they were left over from the Soup Cleanse days, although for a while, I also tried to eat frozen grapes as a low-calorie alternative to ice cream -- but you can image how long that lasted.  So, the poor grapes languished in the freezer until I came across this great recipe from the New York Times: Grape Focaccia that was folded up in my "Cookery Ideas" binder.

Not only does the recipe give you a really easy focaccia base you can use again and again, it transforms this boring, lunchbox fruit into something worthy of your next wine and cheese party. And, did I mention it's really easy?
All you need is about 2 hours (1 for rising, the rest for assembly/baking) extra virgin olive oil, active dry yeast, all-purpose flour, cornmeal, rosemary leaves (fresh or dried), sugar, salt, seedless grapes, pine nuts and sea salt. Follow the recipe, and you're set. You could even make two batches at a time!
Your efforts will earn you a lovely, dense dough and a perfectly balanced mix of salt and sweet on top.
I will be making this one again soon, and I might also try my hand at a few other variations, such as a version with olives, one with bacon and shallots, or perhaps pecans and raisins, or maybe a lovely hard cheese...