We Wish You a Merry Soupmas!

The Amazing Soup cleanse is back.

Chris and I leave tomorrow for 2.5 weeks in the sunny, gorgeous West Indies.  We go away somewhere fantabulous every year for the holidays and I must say, it's the best decision we've ever made. Yes, we don't get to be with family for Christmas, but the peace and calm we absorb for two weeks straight on the islands really helps us get through the rest of the year. Working in NYC is awesome, but it is also draining and stressful and you never feel like you have a minute of quiet or calm. And there are people everywhere. For me, all that fades away the minute my toes hit the sand on a deserted island...

But, going to the Caribbean also means drinking lovely, heavy on the rum cocktails, eating dessert for breakfast -- and wearing swimsuits for two weeks straight. So, for the past 12 days we've been on our annual soup cleanse.  This is our fourth year, and some have been easier than others. We're always annoyed at ourselves for doing it between Thanksgiving and Christmas (we have to miss out on holiday lunches and parties and such), but it makes the most sense, timing-wise.

And, it wasn't so bad this year. We liked the Minestrone and Thai Shrimp versions the best this time around, and using the organic veggies from my box in the soup seemed to make it brighter in flavor.  I lost 4.5 lbs in the process, so I can't really complain.  Plus, it's healthy and easy to do.  One tip -- chop the spinach as small as you can get it. It makes all the difference. At about Day #5, you'll thank me.

Anyway, enough about soup. I want to wish you and yours a lovely and delicious holiday season. I'll be back after Christmas with more tasty Gourmess adventures.

Happy, Merry!