Pretty Parker House Rolls

I love bread. 

There's nothing better than a crusty slice slathered with butter and jam, and topped with a bit of sharp cheese. Except for maybe a fresh-from-the-oven roll that soaks up the remnants of a meaty stew or spicy tomato sauce. And then there's pain au chocolat, focaccia, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, bagels, and so on. Sigh.

I've been making loaves of bread for years, and more recently, baguettes. And this past weekend? I made rolls. Buttery and salty Parker House Rolls to be exact. And they are delightful.
I used Bobby Flay's recipe -- and of course tweaked it to my own tastes (I formed dough into small balls, I didn't let the balls touch when baked, I double buttered them, etc.), but they came out nicely anyway, so give it a shot. If I can bake successfully, you definitely can!