Summer Corn Salad with Smoked Ricotta Dressing

A couple summers ago, I discovered the "Best Corn on the Cob Tip Ever" and I must admit, it is rather life-changing.

For those of you who need a reminder, here you go:

1) Put two unhusked ears of corn in the microwave for 6-8 minutes, depending on microwave.
2) Remove the corn from microwave and cut off the bottom part of each ear (about a 1/2 inch or so).
3) Hold the ear at the top of its husk and give it a little shake. The corn should slide out easily.
4) Alternatively, cut about 1 inch off of both ends of the cooked corn and peel off the husk.
5) Add butter and salt, and enjoy!

I had some gorgeous local vegetables, including some bi-color corn in my recent organic box delivery and while buttery, salty corn on the cob is a delight in itself, I decided to use my summer bounty to make a tasty salad.
So, I prepped the corn per the above trick and let it cool. Then I sliced the corn off the cobs into a large bowl. After the corn went some gorgeous cherry tomatoes, which I cut into quarters, some sliced zucchini, and some minced cilantro. For the dressing, I whisked together some lime juice, olive oil and a bit of smoked ricotta, along with a pinch of chili powder and smoked sea salt.

I tossed the veggies and the dressing and adjusted the seasonings. The salad was absolutely delicious -- like having summer on a plate! It would also be great as a topping on tacos, or in a salad with avocado, grilled chicken/shrimp and greens. So good!
I can't wait to make this again.
This is my favorite time of year to cook/eat! Hooray for August!