Snow Day

You must have discipline to have fun. -Julia Child

So, we had our first snow this weekend. I guess December is finally here (it was 67 degrees last week). Chris and I decorated the apartment for Christmas (we shared a bottle of sparkling wine and blasted hokey Christmas music) as big fat flakes fell to the ground. It was lovely.

We also took a trip to a local pub/sports bar for lunch this weekend. We were given a gift certificate and thought we should check it out. We sipped cold beers while pretending to be interested in football games playing on the TVs overhead, but it was the menu that had captured our attention. It was bar food with a twist: Steak fingers, Broccoli Cheddar Bacon Bites, the Grease Truck Sandwich, and the Love Handle Burger. Oy. So much for eating healthy before our bikini-clad trip to the Caribbean in two weeks. Guess I'll be doing extra Pilates this week.

We tried the Steak Fingers and Broccoli Bites to start. Yum. And for main course, Chris got a semi-healthy Greek Chicken dish while I threw caution and my waistband to the wind and got a dish that included penne pasta, pulled pork, cheddar cheese, jalapeno poppers, sour cream--and a bread bowl. I ate about 6 bites before I started to feel guilty. But it was so good -- spicy, salty, rich and creamy and oh so naughty (was Santa watching?). Chris's chicken was great, too -- with a nice olive tapenade and feta cheese on top and spinach and rice below. Then the gluttons that we are, we got dessert. I had a few bites of pumpkin cheesecake and Chris had peanut butter pie. We went for a walk afterwards, we felt so full.

I would have been fine with a bowl of chili and maybe some sweet potato fries, but instead I ordered probably the most calorie-laden item on the menu. Must be the snow -- does it make you want comfort foods? Whatever it was, it was fun while it lasted, and as Julia says, Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Well, at least we don't need dinner, so I can stay here in front of the fire with a sleeping cat lying on my fat belly.

Let It Snow.