Meatless Monday: Miso-Tofu Ranch Dip

Chris has been on a miso kick lately. For the past few weekends he's been cooking up a batch of miso soup made from a rich dashi broth, miso paste, diced tofu and wakame seaweed. He eats the soup for breakfast during the week and swears that it is a satisfying way to start the day. It's a traditional breakfast staple in Japan, and loaded with nutrients, so who am I to  disagree? (Although, I must say I have been craving sushi nonstop since he started making the soup.)

We have a rather large container of white miso paste to put to use, and this recipe for Miso-Tofu Ranch Dip from the October 2013 issue of Bon Appétit magazine caught Chris's eye. So we whipped up a batch.

The recipe comes from The Momofuku Culinary Lab, which "was founded as a research facility dedicated to the exploration and origins of flavor." The dip is easy to make and the tofu and miso give it an addictive, umami flavor boost -- try not to eat the whole bowl! Get the recipe here.

We ate the dip with fresh veggies before dinner, and in the morning, spread it on toasted bread that we topped with eggs, bacon, tomato, and a wee bit of sriracha sauce. I can see it being used as a tasty dip for vegetable egg rolls or dumplings, or drizzled over fish tacos, too. A dollop on a baked potato is not out of the question, and I can see it as a great dip for chicken wings. The possibilities are endless!

But, I think the very best way to enjoy the dip is with fried pickles. (FRIED PICKLES!)  Yesterday afternoon, we picked up an order from our local Smashburger and sat out on our patio enjoying the warm autumn sun, a few cold beers, and the addicting combination of peppery, fried dill pickles and this amazing dip. (And, by swapping in the Miso-Tofu Ranch Dip for the regular fat-laden ranch dressing that usually comes with the pickles, we snacked a bit healthier, too.)

I think this recipe is a keeper. (Good job, Chris!)