Just the Thing for Spring!

I've been trying to cook simply lately.

Not that I don't enjoy making a complicated dish, or a recipe that has multiple steps, but sometimes, it is just as good to make something that showcases the simplicity and beauty of food in its unfussy, farm-market-fresh state.
I had a huge bunch of asparagus from my latest organic CSA box, and some farm-fresh brown eggs. I thought a runny, poached egg over crisp, salty asparagus would be divine. 

I washed the asparagus and snapped each at the ends to get rid of any chewy, hard parts. Then, I took a large pan, sprayed some olive oil cooking spray and when hot, added the asparagus.  I let the asparagus cook for a few minutes before sprinkling with kosher salt and some garlic powder.  I moved the spears around gently with tongs, making sure each piece had contact with the hottest part of the pan.  After a few minutes, I turned each piece over, cooking the other side. Once the asparagus was a lovely green and tender to the touch, I removed them from the heat and tented with foil.  

In the meantime, I brought a few inches of water to boil in a pan, and using these awesome poach pods, poached a couple eggs. The trick is to turn off the burner as soon as you have a rolling boil and cover the pan for 3 minutes.  When time is up, the whites will be set and the inside will be soft. Perfect!

A sprinkle more of salt and some ground pepper and that's it.  And maybe a piece or two of thick toast to sop up that lovely egg?