Go Bananas!

I picked up my last organic CSA box of the spring season last night and decided to treat myself to a few yummy extras that are offered at each pick-up. (Goat cheese, honey, jam, juice, milk, dried fruit, etc.)

One of those extras was a tub of dried Cavendish bananas.  Cavendish bananas are actually one of the most common types of bananas we eat in the U.S., but dried Cavendish bananas are an entirely different thing altogether.

OMG. If you hate bananas, you can stop reading now -- I won't be offended. But, if you like them, imagine them in your favorite banana dessert at its best. A luscious banana split with hot fudge and strawberries, comforting Southern-style banana pudding with Nilla® wafers, or decadent, gooey chocolate-banana bread pudding, maybe? Well, a handful of dried Cavendish bananas can remind you of all three in one bite. Deelish. I almost ate half of the package when I first opened it!

I thought they'd be more like banana chips -- which are usually crunchy and bland -- but no!  Dried Cavendish bananas are still slightly soft and sticky -- and perfectly sweet! They look and taste like they've been caramelized, but that's just the natural sugar in the fruit.  (Ingredients: "Organic Cavendish Bananas.")

Chris was even presently surprised when I offered him a taste. But, no more time for sampling, I have plans for these tasty banana bites.  I want to put them over vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of warmed dark chocolate. I want to bake them into the bottom of a chocolate tart. I want to chop them coarsely and mix them into some peanut butter cookie batter.  I bet they'd even be lovely stirred into a bowl of oatmeal with pecans and brown sugar.  Yum.

If you can find these treats in your neighborhood, stock up. Because once everyone has tried them, there's going to be a mad dash for sure.

I'm telling you. People will go bananas.