Chris Bakes a Crisp

Chris took over the kitchen for a few hours this weekend.

He was reading a recipe in GQ magazine and started listing off the ingredients and asking me if we had them. (Of course we did -- the Gourmess lives here, silly.) He made me a cocktail and I sat by the fire with the kitties while he spent an hour in the kitchen making this tasty treat:

It's a Pear-Ginger Crisp and the secret ingredient (candied ginger) along with the toasted pecans really made it a dessert to wow at your next holiday dinner.  Top it with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and you have a winner.  It's a great alternative to pie, too.

Thus, here's one more thing to put on your Thanksgiving TO DO list:

  • Follow the link above for the recipe and hand it off to the handsome guy in your house. Preferably whoever is sitting closest to the kitchen.  It's one less thing for you to worry about and trust me, you won't be disappointed.