Update 4: New Year's Goal: Become an "official" Gourmess by August 2010

I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate. --Julia Child

Just 3 more Sessions to go for Reading, Round 1!

Session 18 was all about basic stuffings, which will be fun-- lots of stuffed vegetables and meats! Session 19, I learned all about organ meats, which actually sound a lot better than one would think. I'm not a huge fan of the liver recipes, but will try them, and I will tackle the pâtés and sweetbreads with gusto!

Sessions 20-23, I covered creams/custards, pastry dough, crepes, frying batter, brioche, and the beloved light pound cake-type dessert, génoise. I'm a bit nervous to actually try to make these though, as I am not a great baker. I don't have the personality to quietly and patiently stir, or to sift flour and weigh it, and precisely measure and combine the ingredients, and then wait for it to cool, etc....I'm more of a "throw it all in the pot and add a pinch of this, a dash of that, etc." (Hence, the "Gourmess" title.) So, this will be good for me I guess.

Otherwise, I might have to get Chris to help me...