What a Tart!

Everything in moderation, including moderation. --Julia Child

So, one of my most requested goodies (perfect for Attitude Adjustment time) are these mini tarts that I make. I'm not sure why everyone makes such a fuss about them (besides the fact they are tasty) because they are super easy to make.

Buy a package of phylo dough, cresent dough, or even pie dough and make mini circular bowls -- bake so shape sets, or, better yet, just use those fabulous, ready-made mini tart shells in the freezer section. Fill with any of the fillings below, broil until bubbly and crisp, and enjoy! Can be served at room temperature.


- Bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, carmelized shallots and walnuts
- Goat cheese, dried cranberries, and pecans (top with dash of balsamic vinegar and honey)
- Diced, browned apples, bacon, and brie
- Feta, basil, pine nuts and sun-dried tomato
- Dates, bleu cheese, diced, brown apples
- Smoked mozzarella, toasted almonds and mango chutney

Other great snackages:

- Roll a dried fig up inside a bacon strip lined with bleu cheese and attach with toothpick -- broil until crispy and melty and add a dash of honey
- Fill crescent or biscuit dough with flavored cream cheese and crab meat, roll into a ball and bake
- Take several kinds of flavored wraps, sprinkle with salt and olive oil and bake in the oven until crispy. Use with favorite dips/salsas.
- You can make a nice cheese plate by filling a plate with a few different kinds of hard and soft cheeses, and then adding little bowls of olives, dried fruit, almonds, and an assortment of mini breads and crackers around it. Also good to have some fig jam or fruity mustard nearby as well.

Serve with your favorite cocktail or a bottle of bubbly. (Please have more than one bottle available, if I'm coming over.)