Vacation Preparation

The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.
--Julia Child

We're headed off to Grenada next month for Christmas (yay!), and I suddenly realized that I have only 5 weeks to lose a few pounds. (You know, those pesky few that hang around after the holidays, latch on during the summer barbecues, and make bikini time a bit of a challenge.) Even with my weekly 90 minute Pilates class and long weekend walks, I have two Thanksgiving dinners, a bridal shower, several planned dinners out with pals, happy hour with the girls from work, and our company's annual "Christmas Cookie Swap" to contend with.

I don't eat high calorie, crap food -- I don't snack, and I am not a huge fan of sweets --unless you're talking about chocolate. The problem is that I love to eat good food. I try to behave and eat a granola bar mid morning, and maybe a yogurt or low-fat soup/wrap for lunch, but as I walk by the grocery store on my way home at night, I get all excited about the great meal I can make. And, it usually involves cream or butter, or cheese. If I just went home and had a bowl of cereal or toast, like I would have in my college days, I wouldn't have to worry about the size of my bum.

The hubby and I eat well -- lots of salad and vegetables and fresh, quality ingredients. We have red meat maybe once a week, and don't usually ever have dessert, unless we're eating out. Yes, the Attitude Adjustments do contribue calories, but I feel like we're very active and always on the move. I walk around town all the time -- we barely use our car, and while nothing is flabby or jiggly, I just miss the wee bikini body I had 10 years ago.

Or, maybe it doesn't have anything to do with food at all. Maybe it is all about the magic 3-0. For those of you who aren't 30 yet -- be warned. I thought it was all bunk too, and that I was one of those lucky people who got to keep their high school figure--until I turned 31. Then, overnight my hips suddenly got a bit wider and my waist felt thicker. Someone told me, "It's normal. It's just your body preparing you for motherhood." How sweet. Except -- hubby and I are planning on being child-free, and since I don't ever plan to give birth, I would like my body put back to the way it was, thank you, very much.

Do all women go through this? Am I just overreacting? Maybe. Maybe not. Still, it's almost dinner time, and I'm thinking that maybe some grilled shrimp marinated in lemon, parsley, browned butter and capers would go nicely with some broiled bread topped with melted cheese and some tomato slices. (With a green herb salad on the side, of course.)

And, maybe a glass of wine.
(Or three.)