Thanksgiving Lasagna ???

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So, my beloved, Chris, has an idea that he thinks will revolutionize Thanksgiving dinner forever--or at least the leftovers. He's long been eager to move beyond turkey and stuffing (yawn) at Thanksgiving and into wilder territory. (I believe one year his family had Bok Choy on their holiday menu.) Thus, he has suggested....(drum roll)... Thanksgiving Lasagna.

At first, I thought it sounded gross, but then he tweaked it a bit, and now even has my dad on board, thinking it is a good idea -- so who knows if this is what we'll end up having next Friday?

Thanksgiving Lasagna:
Original recipe (c) NTC 2009 --amended by me (because he wants to use lasagna noodles on the bottom and I think that's too many carbs)

Base layer: Stuffing {mix with melted butter to form a crust-like bottom}
Layer: Turkey
Layer: Mashed potatoes
Layer: Cranberry sauce
Layer: Stuffing
Layer: Gravy
Layer: Turkey
Layer: Sweet potatoes
Layer: Green Beans
Layer: Stuffing
Top with Gravy, serve with holiday salad (greens w/cranberries, pecans, apples, goat cheese, etc.) and hot buttered rolls.

Maybe he's on to something...then again, maybe he should stick to making the Attitude Adjustments. Let me know what you think -- and if you're willing to try it.