Sunday, September 10, 2017

Beginning Again


It's been a loooong time since my last real post on here and while I know the world didn't stop,  I do know that a lot of you dear ones have missed hearing about the adventures coming out of Chez Gourmess.

I'm sorry for the wait. But, since we're friends, I can tell you the truth: I stopped blogging because it started to feel like a chore and my heart wasn't in it. And when that happens, a break is needed.

Over the past couple of years, I've had some big life moments -- like traveling to South Africa with Chris on a safari and wine tasting adventure that was so wonderfully scary and powerful and life-changing that I couldn't type it out. We've also welcomed two adult kitties into our home whose trust we had to gain and who bring a lot of joy and laughs into Chez Gourmess, and who have a rather impressive IG following (you'll meet them eventually). I was also promoted to VP of my department (!!!!!) which means a lot more time in the office and less time to sit down and write about what I was doing or cooking in my free time.
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I may have stopped sharing, but I never stopped cooking, and now I'm ready to blog again. You'll notice some differences going forwards.  For example, I used to cook my dishes free style and then go back and cook them again so I could measure everything out to share with you, but that's not true to how I actually cook. I rarely use measuring spoons and prefer to taste and eyeball my ingredients as I cook -- and you should learn to do that too. It frees you. Don't get me wrong, step-by-step, measured recipes are here for a reason. But for me, cooking's too personal and I've been doing it too long to follow a recipe exactly. Plus, where's the mess and the fun if you can't make it up as you go?

So, let's get started, again. I'm looking forward to sharing some delicious moments ahead, like:
  • Slow Cooker Sundays
  • Make-It-Up Mondays
  • Cooking for TWOsdays
  • Throwback Thursdays
  • Friday Favorites
  • Plus Tips, Tricks, Tastings, Travels and more!
Thanks for being part of this new journey.
And don't forget: Life can be a little bit messy -- eat it up!



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