Friday, August 14, 2015

Searching for the Best Grandma Ever: Pie #4, Presto's

For Pizza #4 in our search for #thebestgrandmaever we decided to skip delivery, and instead do carry out. We ordered a Grandma Pizza from Presto's Restaurant after discovering their take-out only pizza menu as we were walking by one evening.

We placed our order and had a drink at a nearby bar while we waited for the pizza. About 40 minutes later, we picked up the $15 pie and headed home, just a few blocks away. The garlic and tomatoes wafted out of the box as we walked. It smelled heavenly. Mmmmm!

When we opened the box, we found a square, very rustic-looking pie. It definitely seemed heavier on the cheese than our previous pies, but we were excited to try it because it smelled so good.
The slices were cut a bit oddly, and I definitely couldn't get through my second piece. It was surprisingly very filling even though it had a thin, crispy-crunchy crust. Also, the crust seemed to be made of or dusted with cornmeal as it had a yellowish hue. The sauce was garlicky, as we figured from our walk home, but really bright and flavorful. (The kind of sauce you want to dip things in.) It was a bit greasy though, due either to an abundance of olive oil or cheese -- we couldn't tell. There didn't seem to be any crushed tomato or fresh basil and mozzarella so we're not sure if this is really a true Grandma pie. It almost seemed more like a bar pie (cheese and sauce), but it tasted good, either way.

But it was not #thebestgrandmaever, so our search continues for the perfect Grandma. Hopefully we'll find her soon! (In the meantime, all this research is quite fun!)

Pizza #4: Presto's
Sauce: A
Crust: A
Presentation: B
Next Day/Cold Pizza test: A-
Grandma-style: C

So, for Grandma Pie #4, Presto's Grandma gets an overall B.



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