Friday, August 7, 2015

Searching for The Best Grandma Ever: Pie #3, Stella's


Pizza #3 in our search for #thebestgrandmaever was from a local spot with a great selection of brick-oven pies. We ordered a Stella's "Grandma Pizza" for delivery. There was a choice between regular and Sicilian crust, but we decided to go the regular route for our first try.

The pizza arrived quickly and was so large it was nearly bursting out of the sides of the box. It wasn't as pretty as the first two Grandmas we tried, but it smelled heavenly.

Right away, we could tell it was going to be a saucy slice, but the sauce was really tasty so we were happy to have a lot of it. It had a hint of something I couldn't quite place but thought was either cinnamon or tarragon or something sweetish? Chris thought it was maybe the crust that tasted sweet and it was definitely more sweet than garlicky. However, the crust was not crispy at all. Maybe because we got the normal version and not the Sicilian, but it was just a typical pizza crust, not the cracker-crisp kind of a true Grandma.
The salty mozzarella cheese was under the sauce as it should be, and there was a heavy dose of grated Romano on top -- maybe a bit too much as it made the sauce seem grainy and powdery in bites. The basil was plentiful, but it looked like it was cooked, which made it that unattractive dark green instead of the fresh-basil green. Still, it was delightful the next day for breakfast. Overall, it was a solid tasting pizza. But, it was not a traditional Grandma crust and I would have liked less Romano and less wilty basil, so it loses a few points.

Pizza #3: Stella's
Sauce: A
Crust: C
Presentation: C
Next Day/Cold Pizza test: A
Grandma-style: B-

So, for Grandma Pie #3, we give Stella's Grandma Pizza an overall B-.



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