Friday, July 24, 2015

Searching for The Best Grandma Ever: Pie #1, Krispy Pizza

There's nothing like a Grandma for dinner.

Chris and I remember our three dearly departed grandmothers and their delicious cookery fondly, and we both cherish our visits with his Italian grandmother who knows her way around a good antipasto plate and is as feisty as ever. But this post is not about that kind of Grandma. Though grandmothers are indeed as sweet as pie, I am talking about the Grandma of all Grandmas: The Grandma Pizza Pie.

As of this moment, Chris and I are embarking on a quest: We are in search of the best Grandma pies in our new neighborhood. We fell in love with Grandma-style pizza a couple of years ago and have been looking for the ultimate Grandma ever since. And since Friday at Chez Gourmess is Pizza Night, we will devote the next dozen Fridays or so to our search for the ultimate Grandma pizza. We're searching for #thebestgrandmaever.

If you're not familiar with a Grandma Pie, also known as Nonna Pizza, I'll describe it by saying that a Grandma slice is crispier and less heavy than a regular cheese slice, but thinner and less dense than a Sicilian-style pie. Although, like a Sicilian, a Grandma is usually square-shaped. The crust is unique in that it is crispy on the edges--almost fried--with olive oil. The dough has a low profile and the outer crust is nearly hollow and perfectly crunchy, like a puffed cracker. On top of the crispy bottom crust you have a layer of fresh mozzarella cheese, then a heavy layer of tomato sauce (the most authentic usually have nothing more than crushed tomatoes), a sprinkling of fresh basil and usually a bit more cheese. Sauce and crust are king, er queen when it comes to a good Grandma slice, and they will either make or break the experience.

When we moved to Jersey City, NJ, a few months ago we were delighted to see that there were several pizza spots within walking and/or delivery distance, boasting Grandma pies on their menus. So, we've decided to try them all. We're beginning with the "Grandma Pizza" from Krispy Pizza, a nearby pizza joint whose motto: "If it's not Krispy it's not Pizza" seemed like a good sign of things to come.
We ordered online from and the delivery was quick and seamless. They will even send a text when your pizza is on its way. Also, as a marketer, I give them an A+ for branding. And the pizza? It was a winner. It had a tangy tomato sauce, super fresh basil and a light but crispy (krispy!) crust, plus a bonus sprinkle of grated Romano cheese on each slice. Delightful!
Pizza #1: Krispy Pizza
Sauce: A
Crust: A
Presentation: A+
Next Day/Cold Pizza test: A
Grandma-style: A

So, for Grandma Pie #1, we give Krispy's Grandma Pizza an overall, solid A. Not a bad start to our quest. Hooray for Grandma!



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