Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Life itself is the proper binge. - Julia Child

So, I was waiting for Chris to meet me at Penn station last night so we could take the 6:40 p.m. train home together (we were both done early!) and as I stood there, I watched all of the activity around me: people running to catch their trains home, people coming off of trains to meet friends in the city, people rushing to and from the subway, some walking to their trains with an ice-cream or a hot dog, or a Starbucks in hand. And I started to think - these people that are rushing by, are they headed home to family? Do they live alone? Is dinner waiting for them? Will they order take out when they get home?

It was a Monday, so dinner definitely called for comfort food. I was thinking Chris could make his famous grilled cheese and tomato and, maybe I could warm up some of the yummy leftover slow cookery chicken? Or, I could maybe tweak some boxed mac and cheese by adding some with goat cheese, tomato and bacon instead of that powdered cheese packet? Or maybe a Tuna melt w/olive tapenade? I could grab some rye bread and tapenade from the grocery store on the way home. Or, even better -- what about poached eggs w/toast and butter?

But, I didn't get to make any of that, because our train didn't leave Penn Station for another 95 minutes due to some kind of problem in the tunnel. We got home at 9:30 -- and were debating whether we just skip dinner and go to bed early w/ a good book and the cats. I hadn't eaten all day (we had sales meetings all day) and Chris had a measly ham sandwich for lunch, so we needed something to eat or our bellies would growl all night, which meant Boo would sit and stare at us all night, too.

In the end, I let Chris decide--or as he put it, he made an "executive decision".

We went to McDonald's.


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